There are many such habits which can damage the kidney and make the body vulnerable to diseases.

These 6 habits harm your kidney

The kidney works to remove extra fluid and excess material from the body.Kidney is one of the most important organs. 

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Salt contains a high amount of sodium. This can increase the blood pressure of the body which damages the kidneys.

Many researches confirm that overeating painkillers can damage your kidneys.

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If you are one of those people who drink little or no water during the day, then you should be careful. Water helps the kidneys to remove fluid and toxins from the body.

Consuming fresh fruits and vegetables in the diet is good for health. At the same time, high amounts of phosphorus and sodium are seen in processed food and if both these elements.

Consumption of too much sugar not only causes diabetes, but it also proves to be harmful for the kidneys. Therefore, things in which sugar is excessive or added sugar should be avoided.

Getting less sleep causes many health problems, including kidney problems. Try that your sleep cycle is correct and you get full sleep.